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Table and Function Reservation Books

Our multi-purpose books combine different scheduling elements on a single page. While the pre-designed table reservation book element can track dining reservations for both lunch and dinner, the function reservation book element allows you to schedule up to three events, all on the same page. All such combination table and function reservation books include dates and holidays, and feature the accustomed Hodges & Irvine elegance, usability and sturdiness.

Or you can contact us and we will help you create your own combined table and function scheduling book, or any other specific combination of scheduling and tracking elements. As with most of our products, table and function reservation books come in an economy format with soft covers or a premium format with hard covers and monthly tabs.

Scheduling Book Dating

Every scheduling book is printed with dates

All of our books include dates and holidays.

Hand Made in the USA

Our hardworking team is dedicated to quality

We hand make our Premium covers and every book is assembled with care at our headquarters in Michigan.

Our high quality Economy Series is an excellent choice for businesses that need pre-designed layouts at bargain pricing. An ultra-light plastic cover paired with a double-loop metal binding makes for a light-weight durable book that will stand up to daily use under just about any conditions.
Soft-cover 11" x 8"

The Premium Series has larger book sizes and features our hard covers, which we make in-house to ensure quality and durability. They are elegant, sturdy, and presentable. Tab separated months and month-at-a-glance calendars are included to help with big-picture planning. A durable metal spiral binding ensures that these books can stand up to your heavy daily use.
Hard-cover with many sizes to suit your needs

Design the perfect book for your business needs. Custom page layout combined with the quality of our Premium Series guarantees the perfect book that is custom built for your company's needs.
Contact us for design guidance from industry-leading scheduling experts.